I always have exciting projects that aren’t yet live or that I haven’t found time to add as a portfolio piece. Feel free to ask me about those.

HubSpot homepage


HubSpot is a growth stack for small to medium-sized companies. It consists of CRM, Sales, and Marketing software. Our task was to write copy for their main high-traffic webpages ahead of INBOUND 2016. This project resulted in a 2X increase to free trial conversions, 35% increase to demo requests, and a 27% increase to product signups.

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AWeber homepage copy written by Josh Garofalo at Sway Copy

AWeber (Coming Soon)

AWeber is a pioneer (for real) and leader in the highly competitive email marketing space. They started in 1998 and are used by over 100,000 businesses. My task was to write and design a variant for their homepage and beat their current visitor to free-trial conversion rate. Erik Harbison, CMO of AWeber, said my homepage “blew away any other tests we tried.”

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Deputy (Details Coming Soon)

Deputy.com automates scheduling and timesheets for both large businesses (e.g. Amazon, Nike, NASA) and small businesses. In our first project, our goal was to get more new signups to enter the highest converting user flow (send schedule to Deputy for effortless setup) and collect more phone numbers (strongly correlates with sales). We succeeded. They saw a 2X lift to signups who chose the highest converting onboarding flow and collected 40% more phone numbers.

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InsightSquared, a venture-backed SaaS company, homepage above the fold.


InsightSquared is sales intelligence software used by sales teams in fast-growing SaaS companies. Our task was to target Sales Ops when re-writing the copy for their home and product pages.

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Headline and sub-headline copy for Snappa


Snappa is a SaaS company that makes it easy for non-designers to create graphics for their websites, blog posts, social media, and ads. My goal was to write copy for their homepage and key SEO landing pages. My work resulted in more paid signups and ranking for highly competitive and high-intent key phrases.

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AppInstitute's homepage, a DIY app making SaaS app I wrote copy for.

App Institute

This project was referred to me by Matthew Barby, Global Head of Growth & SEO at HubSpot. App Institute is a SaaS platform that makes it easy for SMEs to create an app for their business without writing any code. My mission was to drive more and better-qualified signups by rewriting their home and pricing pages.

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Headline and subheadline copy for True Anthem's home page.

True Anthem

True Anthem is a social publishing SaaS solution used by major publishers such as Hearst, Cosmopolitan, Discovery Digital Networks, Bravo, Esquire, NBC Universal and more. The goal was to write copy for their core web pages before they were to relaunch at a major conference.

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AWeber homepage page copy

VWO (Coming Soon)

VWO is a pioneer in the conversion optimization software space. My task was to bring their feature pages to life ahead of the launch of their reimagined CRO platform.

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An image of Market 8's homepage, a HubSpot Partner Agency.

Market 8

Market 8 is an award-winning HubSpot partner agency and one of my first clients (I still do work with Market 8 today). In addition to writing copy for their website, landing pages, and email campaigns — I am also their go-to conversion copywriter for their major client projects.

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