"He overcame the "curse of knowledge" dilemma that we, like many companies, face."

Josh played a vital role in the development of InsightSquared’s new (4/17) website. If I were to distill his contribution down to one item it would be this: He overcame the “curse of knowledge” dilemma that we, like many companies, face. His straightforward writing style managed to simplify our message, without compromising accuracy or value. I consistently get compliments from other CMOs on the messaging.

Joe Chernov, CMO at InsightSquared


InsightSquared is a VC-backed SaaS company that makes it easy for Sales Ops to turn Salesforce CRM data into decision-quality reports and board-ready visuals. Customers include SaaS companies like Pendo, TrackMaven, BazaarVoice and more.

I cooperated with Joel Klettke and the InsightSquared team to rethink the copy and design of their homepage and product pages on a tight deadline.


After a successful project with HubSpot, we were referred to InsightSquared for a similar project. Joel and I worked closely with Molly Macdonald and Joe Chernov to pull it off on a tight deadline.

Our main objectives were as follows:

  1. Do the research required to capture the voice of InsightSquared’s ideal customer (Sales Ops) in the copy, understand their product suite, and their position in the market.
  2. Move beyond features and benefits and write the copy using the Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) framework.
  3. Work alongside the InsightSquared team to have final copy delivered ahead of SaaStr Annual 2016.


While we delivered the copy on time and the team was happy with the end product, a project of this size always comes with challenges:

  • It was a large project on a tight deadline.
  • Unlike single-product SaaS companies, we had to quickly understand two robust products and a variety of packages.
  • There was a tremendous amount of research to work through


All pages were delivered on time and received the green light to go live before SaaStr Annual 2016. The InsightSquared team also felt we were finally hitting on the points that matter most to their ideal customer (SaaS Sales Ops). No analytics are available at this time.


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