"...we immediately noticed an uptick in paid conversions after our new homepage was deployed."

“Before we hired Josh, the copy on our website sucked. It was vague, didn’t speak to our target audience, and didn’t convert as well as we’d like. I knew that we needed help so I decided to hire Josh based on his knowledge of the industry and his portfolio of work.

What I loved most about working with Josh was that he didn’t write a single word until he truly understood our customers and the unique selling points of our product. He poured over hours of customer interviews and pulled out the key benefits that belonged on our website.

After compiling all the necessary research, Josh wrote a killer homepage that truly conveyed our unique value proposition. More importantly, it spoke to our target audience and we immediately noticed an uptick in paid conversions after our new homepage was deployed.”

Christopher Gimmer, Co-Founder at Snappa


Snappa is a self-funded SaaS company that makes it easy for non-designers to create graphics for their websites, blog posts, social media, and ads. Their thousands of users (including Sujan Patel) have created over 1 million images, and their recent co-promotions with Sumo.com and LeadPages will only help them grow. I was brought on to write copy for their new home page, SEO/PPC landing pages, and Snappa v.s. alternatives landing pages.

About the product

Snappa helps marketers and entrepreneurs create graphics in a snap with pre-set optimal image dimensions for all major platforms, professionally designed (and easily customized) templates, 100% free high-res stock photography inside the app, powerful but super easy-to-use photo effects, and quick sharing without leaving Snappa.


They came to me with three problems:

  1. Their homepage value proposition was focused on ease of use, but customer interviews revealed that the real value proposition is the speed at which new high-quality marketing images can be created. People expected easy but were pleasantly surprised by the speed.
  2. They didn’t have dedicated landing pages for their most popular image types (e.g. Facebook covers). As a result, their prospects would only see their main competitor, Canva, in the search results for popular searches showing intent. They needed long-form sales pages that demonstrate how quickly and easily non-designers are creating each image type using Snappa.
  3. Prospects are consistently comparing Snappa to a few alternatives, but Snappa didn’t have any pages that would show up in the search results explaining why its the better choice.


Aside from the regular challenges associated with writing copy, this project was challenge free. The team at Snappa was incredibly trusting, giving me the space to follow my research process and write copy. As a result, I feel this is some of my best work.


As quoted by Christopher above, they saw an immediate uptick in paid subscriptions after my homepage copy went live. This, we believe, is the result of hitting on a more appealing value proposition.

The SEO landing pages have helped them rank for a number of high-search volume high-intent key phrases.

The Snappa v.s. Alternatives landing pages are not yet live.

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