"...his copy hit on all of our major selling points and captured the voice of our customer."

“Josh was referred to us by Matthew Barby, Global Head of Growth and SEO at HubSpot. As a result of his research, his copy hit on all of our major selling points and captured the voice of our customer. The copy feels more human now. I really enjoyed working with him!”

Nabeena M., Marketing Manager at App Institute


App Institute is a DIY app builder for busy small business owners. Loved by its users, covered by The Next Web and The Telegraph, and with a strong showing on Product Hunt — I knew this was a company I could get behind. My goal was to write copy for their home and pricing pages that improved conversion rates and lead quality.

About the Product

App Institute is a drag and drop app builder that makes it incredibly easy for owners of coffee shops, salons, fitness companies and more to create an app for their business without writing any code. They do a lot of the work for their customers by including preset app templates, one click branding, easy customizations, and streamlined app store submission. Some business owners are able to create their app in minutes.


Mattew Barby, Global Head of Growth and SEO at Hubspot, referred me to Nabeena from App Institute. While App Institute had a fully functional site, there was room for improvement. The copy on their homepage sounded a lot like their competition and failed to capture the voice of their customer. Their pricing page, while minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing, was missing many of the details a prospect would like to see before signing up.


  • Finding unique messages that would help them stand out in a crowded space with a lot of sameness.
  • Auditing dozens upon dozens of testimonials, reviews, and comments to find the voice of their customer.
  • A tighter than usual timeline.

My Work

I began by auditing, sorting, and summarizing every instance of their customer talking that I could get my hands on. I looked through G2Crowd, Amazon book reviews, forums, UDemy course comments and more to find the words their customers use when they think no one is looking. I used everything I learned to write copy that separated them from the competition and singled out their ideal customers while pushing away others that weren’t a good fit. I also extended their pricing page copy to accommodate both the prospect who wants a summary of each tier and those who need details.


My home and pricing pages both outperformed the treatment and are now the new control. While still early, it seems that by focusing the messaging around busy small owners, more of their recent signups are their ideal customer.


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