We chose Josh because he focuses on SaaS companies and figured he'd move faster and produce better work than a general copywriter. We were right.

“We were a few weeks out from launching our new website for True Anthem — an enterprise SaaS solution used by major publishers. We were running out of time, and we needed to find someone that could get up to speed and produce persuasive copy for core web pages before the deadline. We chose Josh because he focuses on SaaS companies and figured he’d move faster and produce better work than a general copywriter. We were right. Josh was able to quickly understand our market, product, and customers, and then write copy for our home and solution pages before the deadline. We hope to work with Josh again in the future when timelines aren’t as tight.”

Tom Pitts, VP Marketing, True Anthem


True Anthem is a social publishing SaaS solution used by major publishers such as Hearst, Cosmopolitan, Discovery Digital Networks, Bravo, Esquire, NBC Universal and more. The goal was to write copy for their core web pages before they were to relaunch at a major conference.

About the Product

True Anthem automatically indexes, scores, segments, and predicts the social success of all social media and website data. This helps publishers with a lot of content share the right content, on the right channel, to the right audience, at the perfect time. The result is more website traffic and revenue from social channels despite spending less time manually sharing content.


With their relaunch strategically scheduled for a major conference they were a part of, they needed a copywriter that could quickly understand their enterprise SaaS solution and audience, and then turn it into copy for their home and solution pages.


  • I had a couple of weeks to understand their sophisticated technology and customers and then produce drafts and final copy for their most important pages.
  • Due to the tight deadline, I was writing copy while the design team was mocking up the web pages — this introduced constraints and logistical challenges.
  • I had to get this right the first time. With their clients being high-profile publishers with deep pockets, each sale means thousands of dollars in revenue.

My Work

It started with an intense discovery phase where I had to quickly grasp the intricacies of their software, the specifics of social publishing niche, and the challenges that major digital publishers face when they don’t use True Anthem. Once I had a firm grasp of this information, it was a process of coordinating with their VP of marketing and designers to turn draft copy into the published website used to successfully relaunch at the major conference.


Despite the tight deadlines, I submitted my copy before the deadline and True Anthem was able to successfully relaunch as planned.

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