I write copy that can help you generate more leads, acquire new customers, optimize user onboarding experience, boost customer retention, increase revenue per customer, and earn referrals.

tldr — I write the words that make your prospects and customers feel good about taking the next step.

"We chose Josh because he focuses on SaaS companies and figured he'd move faster and produce better work than a general copywriter. We were right."

“We were a few weeks out from launching our new website for True Anthem — an enterprise SaaS solution used by major publishers. We were running out of time, and we needed to find someone that could get up to speed and produce persuasive copy for core web pages before the deadline. We chose Josh because he focuses on SaaS companies and figured he’d move faster and produce better work than a general copywriter. We were right. Josh was able to quickly understand our market, product, and customers, and then write copy for our home and solution pages before the deadline. We hope to work with Josh again in the future when timelines aren’t as tight.”

Tom Pitts, VP Marketing at True Anthem

"I recommend his services to any tech company that needs strong copy for websites, landing pages, and email campaigns."

“Josh’s knowledge of the SaaS market, combined with his ability to quickly learn the technical details of a product and then turn it into easy-to-understand copy, all set him apart from the general copywriters. After working closely with Josh, I have only good things to say about his work ethic, attention to detail, and the quality of his deliverables. I recommend his services to any tech company that needs strong copy for websites, landing pages, and email campaigns.”

Josh Wright, Founder at Blitzen

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Generate More Leads

You’re getting quality traffic to your website and landing pages but it’s not materializing into email signups, demos, and free trial signups like you need it to.

Despite producing and promoting 10x content, executing a well thought out SEO strategy, and forking over fistfuls of cash for traffic — the ROI on your marketing spend and effort isn’t good enough.

How I Help With Lead Generation

  • Conversion-focused copy for core web pages (e.g. home page, software tour, pricing)
  • Landing page copy for gated content downloads and free trials
  • Explainer video script writing
  • A/B testing and conversion optimization for pages that are kind of converting

*Turn more website visitors into warm leads. Let’s chat about a project — contact me

Optimize User Onboarding

You’ve got website traffic and visitors are signing up to give your SaaS product a try.

There’s just one problem — you’re struggling to get new signups to use your product and discover the value that will help them justify the price tag.

You have a huge drop off between free trial signups and active free trial users. And the drop off between signup to paid is even bigger.

And if you’re one of the rare SaaS companies without a free trial, your new paid customers aren’t using your product, they aren’t seeing the value, and they are churning because of this. They may even ask for their money back or leave scathing reviews on their way out.

If your product does deliver the value you promise and people are signing up to use your product and then ditching you just as fast — you have an onboarding problem. The gap between promises and realized value is a canyon in need of a bridge.

How I help onboard your customers to bridge the gap

  • Onboarding email autoresponder series
  • Behavior-based onboarding emails using products like Intercom
  • In-app onboarding microcopy

*Remove the obstacles that get in the way of your customers unlocking the value you promise. Let’s chat about a project — contact me

Acquire New Customers

Despite getting traffic, free trial signups, and email subscribers — you can’t get them to pull out their credit cards.

They’re either not logging into their free trial, ditching their free trial when they can’t figure something out, or they’re failing to see the value in upgrading to a paid plan.

However you slice it, your warmest leads are valuing their money more than your solution. They signup, drop off, and continue to live with the problem you solve. Or they take their money to a competitor that nails their messaging and onboarding.

How I help you get more paying customers

  • Onboarding emails (autoresponders and behaviour based)
  • Long and short-form sales page copywriting
  • Lead nurturing autoresponders
  • Sales emails
  • Website copy for core pages (home, features, and pricing)
  • A/B testing and conversion optimization

*Start converting more leads into paying customers. Let’s chat about a project — contact me

Boost Customer Retention

You did it! You’ve got paying customers.

There’s just one problem — they stop paying after a number of months and it’s killing your MRR/ARR. And what’s SaaS without healthy and growing recurring revenue?

They stop paying because there is a gap between your promises and their experience with your product. There is also a gap between what they think your product can do and what it can actually do as a result of your team adding new features and integrations over time.

Assuming these are communication gaps and not the product of false promises, I can help.

How I help keep your customers loyal

  • Email series to communicate your product’s value and improvements
  • Emails to announce events such as instructional webinars
  • Landing page copy for free resources such as eBooks and guides
  • Landing page copy for events such as webinars

*Find the words that will inspire your customers to stick with you and renew. Let’s chat about a project — contact me

Increase Average Deal Size

You’ve got happy customers and they’re sticking around for the long haul.

This is awesome, but you know that some of your customers, based on usage and needs, should be paying more. They are stretching their current paid plan to “save” a few dollars and they’re having a less than ideal experience because of this. They are also leaving money on the table.

Or, perhaps your product could serve other team members or departments if only you could crack the cross-selling puzzle.

Either way, there’s an expensive gap you can’t seem to close.

How I help boost average revenue per customer

  • Up selling email campaigns
  • Cross selling email campaigns
  • Up and cross-selling landing pages
  • Pricing page strategy and copywriting
  • A/B testing and conversion optimization

*Make upgrading to the next pricing tier a no brainer. Let’s chat about a project — contact me

Earn Valuable Referrals

This is the holy grail for any business.

Leads that your paying customers send your way catapult themselves through your sales process and start paying sooner.

Obviously, you want more leads like these, but how do you get more of them without being pushy and jeopardizing your valuable relationship with current customers?

How I help you earn more customer referrals

  • Referral email campaigns that communicate the benefits of your referral program and/or asks for referrals in a disarming/non-pushy way
  • Referral program landing pages that do the same as the above

*Inspire your customers to tell everyone they know about your product. Let’s chat about a project — contact me

If you’re a SaaS company with copy and/or conversion problems, I’m your guy.

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