Nearly doubled overall free-trial conversion rates. 35% increase to demo requests. 27% increase in product signups.

There are few people that truly understand copy and conversion optimization like Josh. Josh worked on a huge project we ran at HubSpot to overhaul all of HubSpot’s conversion paths to our major product pages and also reworked all of the copy across the most valuable pages on the website.

Some quick stats:

– Nearly doubled overall free-trial conversion rates
– 35% increase in demo requests
– 27% increase in product signups post-launch

Outside of the major wins, Josh was great to work with. He was always available and is a true professional in the way he carries out business. I honestly couldn’t recommend working with him enough.

Matthew Barby, Director of Acquisition at HubSpot


HubSpot is a publicly traded SaaS company and the leading growth stack for small to medium-sized companies. Myself and Joel Klettke collaborated to write the copy for their homepage, product pages, and feature pages ahead of INBOUND 2016, their massive annual conference.

About the product

Together, HubSpot’s Marketing, Sales, and CRM software is your entire growth stack in one platform. This makes it easy to understand, market, and sell to your customers from their first website visit to closed deal and beyond. And with everything living in one place, you won’t waste time switching between tools and syncing up your data.


HubSpot tapped Joel Klettke and I to write copy for their main web pages ahead of their annual conference, INBOUND 2016.

Our main objectives were as follows:

  1. Do the research required to capture the voice of HubSpot’s customers in the copy, understand their product suite, and their position in the market.
  2. Move beyond features and benefits and write the copy using the Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) framework.
  3. Clearly communicate that when used together, HubSpot’s Marketing, Sales, and CRM software are greater than the sum of their parts — it becomes your growth stack.
  4. Work alongside the design team to ensure our copy informed the final web design.


While we delivered the copy on time and the team was happy with the end product, a project of this size always comes with challenges:

  • It was a large project (12 high-traffic pages) on a tight deadline.
  • As with any company of this size, there were a number of stakeholders, each with different goals and ideas for the site.
  • Because of the tight deadline, wireframes were designed in parallel with the copy rather than after the copy was finalized.
  • Unlike single-product SaaS companies, we had to quickly understand three robust products, each with different buyers.
  • We needed to coordinate with leadership and help HubSpot take its first steps to position themselves as a growth stack.
  • There was a tremendous amount of research to work through, not including the customer surveys we sent out to kick this project off.


All 12 pages were delivered on time and received the green light to go live before their INBOUND 2016 conference. 

  • We doubled free trial conversions
  • Demo requests increased by 35%
  • Product signups increased by 27%


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