If you’re a public or VC-funded SaaS company under the gun to grow faster (that up and to the right graph investors demand)…

Or a profitable self-funded SaaS company craving PROFITABLE growth (because customer acquisition costs are on the rise)…

You and I will do great work together.


If you see copywriting as a way to compensate for a lack of product/market fit, or as something other than the 24/7/365 optimized sales force that it is…

You and I will not make a great team.

Now that the others have left — let’s talk about what happens when my copy meets your hero of a SaaS product…


Let’s Talk Copy

Emails, Landing Pages And Websites That Fetch Leads And Paying Customers

Nearly doubled overall free-trial conversion rates. 35% increase to demo requests. 27% increase in product signups.

There are few people that truly understand copy and conversion optimization like Josh. Josh worked on a huge project we ran at HubSpot to overhaul all of HubSpot’s conversion paths to our major product pages and also reworked all of the copy across the most valuable pages on the website.

Some quick stats:

– Nearly doubled overall free-trial conversion rates
– 35% increase in demo requests
– 27% increase in product signups post-launch

Outside of the major wins, Josh was great to work with. He was always available and is a true professional in the way he carries out business. I honestly couldn’t recommend working with him enough.

Matthew Barby, VP Marketing at HubSpot

200+ enterprise leads from a cold list

Josh’s email campaign to a mostly cold list resulted in over 200 quality enterprise leads and a webinar that outperformed all of our goals.

Heather Archambault, Senior Marketing Manager at Poppulo

His approach was just what we needed and blew away any other tests we tried.

Josh knows what makes SaaS products connect and convert with audiences. His focus on understanding all facets of our audience was refreshing. Josh exudes a commitment to results, he will provide more value to your business beyond just converting copy. His approach was just what we needed and blew away any other tests we tried.

Erik Harbison, CMO at AWeber

He overcame the 'curse of knowledge' dilemma that we, like many companies, face.

If I were to distill his contribution down to one item it would be this: He overcame the “curse of knowledge” dilemma that we, like many companies, face. His straightforward writing style managed to simplify our message, without compromising accuracy or value. I consistently get compliments from other CMOs on the messaging.

Joe Chernov, Former CMO at InsightSquared, now VP Marketing at Pendo

We immediately noticed an uptick in paid conversions after our new home page was deployed

“Before we hired Josh, the copy on our website sucked. It was vague, didn’t speak to our target audience, and didn’t convert as well as we’d like. I knew that we needed help so I decided to hire Josh based on his knowledge of the industry and his portfolio of work.

What I loved most about working with Josh was that he didn’t write a single word until he truly understood our customers and the unique selling points of our product. He pored over hours of customer interviews and pulled out the key benefits that belonged on our website.

After compiling all the necessary research, Josh wrote a killer homepage that truly conveyed our unique value proposition. More importantly, it spoke to our target audience and we immediately noticed an uptick in paid conversions after our new homepage was deployed.”


Christopher Gimmer, Co-Founder at Snappa

Acquisition, Retention, And Everything In Between

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Get copy that converts for every stage of your customer lifecycle. Use my copy to generate more leads, acquire more paying customers, reduce churn, increase avg. deal size, and earn more referrals.

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Hi, I’m Josh.

SaaS Copywriter & Founder of Sway Copy

With all of the exciting niches out there… why SaaS?

Because I see you as superheroes for the workplace. You make workdays more productive, profitable, and enjoyable. And work is stressful for a lot of people, so this is important.

But when your copy misses the mark, you scare away would-be customers, even if you have the best solution.

Instead of choosing you, your prospects buy from an inferior competitor who nails their messaging, or they plod along as they always have. I hate when better technology loses to better messaging or the status quo.

That’s why you need copy that bridges the gap between their pain points and your SaaS product. Copy that catapults you out of the ‘me too’ ranks, aka the SaaS graveyard. And copy that says everything your customers need to hear in a voice they can relate to.

Without this copy, you’re left with outbound sales, the odd referral, and luck. Hardly a winning strategy.

Except here’s the thing — writing copy for a company like yours is difficult and not everyone can do it well. 

It’s translation with a dose of persuasion. It’s transforming features your customers can’t wrap their heads around into lightbulb moments. It’s positioning your product as the obvious choice without insulting anyone’s intelligence.

It’s a specialized skill and hardly a place for the generalist copywriter to dabble.

If your SaaS product solves a painful business problem, I’ll bring the copy that sells it.


Let’s Talk Copy