I don’t wait for inspiration to strike. I sit down at my desk and work because I have deadlines to meet and results to deliver just like you do. This is my copywriting process from initial “hellos” to revenue-generating copy.

1. Meet & Greet

You stumble across my website or a friend sends you my way and you like what you see. You submit my form, send an email, connect via social media, or send a message in a bottle — point is, we’re talking now.

Quick Response

I respond to your inquiry within 24 hours with a few probing questions. If I see a potential fit, I schedule a short intro call at a time that is convenient for you.

Short Intro Call

We will have a short intro call on the house, usually via Skype. I’ll ask you about your proposed project, timelines, and estimated budget for this project. Of course, you can ask me questions that need answering as well.

2. Proposal & Quote

We’ve had a chat, I have a good idea of what I can do to fix your copy problems and get your conversion rates where they need to be. It’s time to talk business.

Brief Proposal in PDF

This brief proposal includes:

  • Expectations that need to be met by you and I in order for this project to be a success
  • Itemized list of what I will deliver
  • My earliest available start date as of the day the proposal is written
  • Project quote


A 50% deposit is required to reserve your start date and make this project a reality. With this deposit, I can confidently turn down or postpone other projects that would otherwise take your spot. I send an invoice via Freshbooks and accept credit card payments via Stripe and e-transfers. If you’re overseas and we need to get fancy, I’ve dealt with this before — we’ll make it work.

3. Research & Discovery

You’ve received my diagnosis, proposed treatment, and you said “yes” to my quoted price. We’re in business. Before I write a lick of copy, I take the time to understand your company, products and services, competition, and customers.


I want to know more about how you got to where you are today. Why this business in particular? What’s the background of your founders and key employees?

Products and Services

What problem do you solve and how do you solve it? I’ll dig into your current website (if you have one) and any docs, eBooks, or resources that help me understand what you do and why it matters. If possible, I’ll use your product or receive a demo.


Which 3-5 companies are your prospects evaluating while considering your solution? I review their messaging and positioning and find opportunities to make you shine.


This is the most important part. I need to know what your most satisfied customers value about your solution. I need to uncover the language they use to describe their pain points and your solution. And, whenever possible, data that shows how they interact with your current site is a huge help. I have all kinds of tricks to uncover and channel the voice of your customer including surveys, message mining, and customer interviews.

4. Copy & Revisions

I take everything I have learned combing over my research and turn it into copy. I’ll write about the benefits and features your ideal customers value most in language they can relate to. They won’t be able to refuse your offer!


I provide a brief outline of any piece of copy before writing the first draft. This outline requires your project lead to approve it or offer revisions. This ensures we don’t go down any rabbit holes together.

Strong First Draft

Sometimes my first draft is my last draft. I expand on the agreed upon outline and present copy that I believe is ready for production. Plus, I include low-fi mockups in Google Docs and instructions for implementation. Of course, your suggestions are welcomed.


A round of revisions is included free of charge. Revisions are edits that are made within the timeframe specified in your proposal and don’t deviate from the outline you signed off on. We can discuss revisions as comments within the Google Doc or via a Skype call.

5. Handoff & Launch

Your design and development team get my final drafts and attached instructions. They will know how I envision the copy’s presentation, but are free to inject their designer know-how before it goes live.


All light revisions are satisfied and my copywriting work is complete. It’s time to pay the remaining 50% of your invoice.


Included in the Google Docs containing your copy are instructions and low-fi mockups for the presentation of the copy. Of course, your design and development teams are free to make changes. Once they work their magic, your site (my copy) goes live!

6. Conversion Optimization

Once your new copy is live and seeing real traffic, the most important data comes in — data from actual visitors interacting with your site. Without question, this data will uncover opportunities to make small tweaks that deliver disproportionate returns.

*Want to keep me in your corner, designing conversion optimization tests and making changes that boost conversion rates? Be sure to let me know and we can chat about that.

Work with a pro copywriter that follows a process, meets deadlines, and gets SaaS.

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