SaaStr Annual 2017: Copy Critique

Ok, kicking off my quick, dirty, and free copy critiques for SaaStr Annual 2017 attendees with The heart of your problem is that your value prop is scattered and buried. You also have some impressive customers (but they’re also hidden).

Let me show you what I mean…

Hero section for IP info
This is your hero section. Just my IP address. Nothing on why it matters.

I don’t see a value proposition. There’s nothing here telling me what IP Info can do for me, why it matters, what makes it better than what I’m doing (or not doing) right now.

And this is a common mistake for SaaS products made by developers for developers. But even hard working developers want to avoid working harder than they have to decide whether they should spend more time on your site or not.

Fortunately, you do have some of this information on your site, it’s just buried right now.

IP Info uses
This is your what.

Think of these as a checklist for your prospect. They are landing on your site looking for a solution to a particular problem. The sooner you can show them that you solve their problem, the more likely you are to keep them around.

If not in your hero section, I’d want this near the top of your page and broken out with benefit-driven copy.

IP Info differentiators
These are your differentiators, and they’re buried way down on your pricing page.

Part of your value prop is hidden in this section you’ve got further down the page on your Pricing page.

Think, “Fast, Reliable, Always Up-To-Date [blank].” Then, you can go into your most common and valuable use cases. In a short amount of time, your prospect will know what you do and how you do it better.

IP Info social proof

Wow! Your users include Tesla, TripAdvisor, and Xerox, and I’d never know this unless I read this light grey copy on your About page.

Get these logos on your home page. Even create a separate “Customers” page. Get testimonials from these companies. Make sure they tell you how crappy life was before they found you, what got better once they found out, and exactly how they’re benefiting today (actual stats are best).

Oh, and above this understated social proof you provide another piece that will factor into your value prop.

Intelligent, relevant, and responsive sites driving conversion and user interaction.

Your headline might be the “Fast, Reliable, Always Up-To-Date [blank]” bit and your sub-headline can take from the message quoted above.

Then, you get more granular with specific use cases backed by benefit-driven copy.

I hope this helps. Thanks, Ben!

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