Hiring me (or any good copywriter) 101

Hiring a freelance copywriter can be tricky — especially if you’ve never done it before. Let me eliminate a lot of the guesswork so that you know whether or not we’re a good fit before we even speak.

See my rates and get a good idea of what working with me will be like below.

1. I quote per project

And here’s why…

It aligns our interests. Quoted hourly, you want me to work faster. I like happy clients, so it’s tempting to get things done at a rapid pace. Quality suffers, you aren’t happy with the deliverable and neither am I. Nobody wins.

So, I quote for value. That value is polished copy that I stand behind and you benefit from. Plus, this eliminates any surprises — you know exactly what your project is going to cost and where each dollar is going before we even start.

Share your project details and budget, and I can provide an estimate based on recent client projects.

*I make the odd exception for long-term retainer-based commitments. If this is what you need, tell me when you complete the short form.

2. I’m going to ask you a dirty question…

…what’s your budget?

I ask for two reasons:

  • People have very different ideas of what copywriting should cost. I need to make sure we’re on the same page before we get in too deep.
  • Unless your budget is unlimited, I need your budget to prioritize deliverables in a way that maximizes your ROI. Otherwise, I’m scoping your project in a fairytale land where money is no object. Pssst… if money is no object, please contact me now.

And don’t kid yourself. Withholding your budget won’t get you a bargain because I’m not a bargain copywriter. We’ll just waste time you could have spent on your project with another copywriter.

3. My project minimum is $10,000 USD for new clients…

…and most of my projects are in the $15,000+ USD range.

“But, I’ve seen freelancers charge a fraction of that.”

I believe it. But, here’s a little secret…

Copywriters bump up their rates until they can’t fill their calendars. So, the $15/hour copywriter is worth, well, $15/hour (at most).

At low rates, your project is treated like piece work and you get copy that is stale and ineffective.


  • Because they aren’t doing their research
  • Because they aren’t agonizing over a dozen headlines
  • Because they aren’t losing sleep over a particular sentence they know could be better

If that’s what you’re after, you should look elsewhere.

BUT, if you…

  • Can appreciate that great copywriting ALWAYS starts with even better research
  • Understand there is a direct correlation between your copy and revenue
  • Value having a copywriter that specializes in SaaS and has a proven track record on your side
  • Want to work with a professional that follows a process and delivers polished copy on time and within budget…

…you and I will make a great team.

Take the next step

Tell me about your project by completing the short form and you’ll hear from me within 24 hours.

Let’s get started!

Other Useful Details
1. I write copy for projects outside my niche (sometimes)

Copywriting for SaaS companies is as tough as it gets so I can write for just about anything.

Sometimes, I’ll be asked to take on a project that isn’t in my wheelhouse. And sometimes, I’ll say yes.

For example, I wrote copy for an entrepreneur that had a Kickstarter campaign for a mug that keeps your coffee hot and your baked treat warm. He was so pumped, I had to get involved. Long story short, he crushed his campaign goal and is in production.

I am also interested in writing copy for charities and initiatives to increase donations and/or participation (if I believe in it).

Just throwing this out into the universe, Sick Kids Hospital/Foundation is an organization I have a personal tie to. I would love to write copy for them! If you can make something like this happen, let’s talk.

2. My lead time is ~4+ weeks depending on the project

Copywriters are like actors (minus the fame and good looks)…

The good ones have more work than they can handle despite charging healthy rates.

The less talented toil for “bargain” rates while struggling to fill up their calendar (and their stomachs)…

So beware of the copywriter that can take on your project yesterday at basement level pricing.

To work with me, you will probably need to wait. It will be worth it though — promise.

*If you have a copy emergency, I’ll burn the midnight oil and turn out something special for a 50% rush fee (when possible). When you complete the short form, let me know that you need copy ASAP.

3. Payment in full is required for all projects

If we determine we’re a good fit, you get a project proposal with a quote. In order to reserve your start date, I need to receive payment in full so that I can comfortably turn down other projects.

If you cancel our project within a week of the start date, I’ll refund half of the total project fee because things happen. After this point, your payment is non-refundable. I’ve never been asked for a refund.

4. I accept credit cards, cheques/checks, and e-transfers (for Canadians)

I send digital invoices via Freshbooks. You can pay by credit card (via Stripe) or e-transfer (for Canadians only).

If we have to get fancy because you’re in Europe/Australia/Asia/Africa/South America — we’ll figure something out. I’ve had decent experiences with Transfer Wise.

So, there you have it. Any other questions? Think we might be a good fit? Then let’s get started…

Take the next step

Tell me about your project and you’ll hear from me within 24 hours.

Let’s get started!


*Despise forms and everything they stand for? Email me at josh@swaycopy.com

“Josh is our go-to conversion-focused copywriter for most of our projects. He’s got all the right skills to craft persuasive copy written for humans. Would I recommend Josh? I’m hesitant to write this testimonial because I wish he only worked with us.”

Eduardo Esparza, Founder and CEO, Market 8