Put your thinking cap on… feel for the cool brass buckles and secure the worn leather straps under your chin. Now place your index and middle fingers on your temples…


In front of you is a wall…

Zoom in and you’ll see small blocks make up this wall.

Now, imagine your mission is to penetrate this wall using a laser…

How would you do it?

Would you divide the strength of your laser and fire at multiple blocks simultaneously?

Or, would you focus the laser’s power on the block with the most wiggle room?

Think about it……….

You’d focus all of your laser’s energy on that one block and blast a hole right through the wall, right?

So why isn’t it this obvious when it comes to your business?

The wall is the market.

The blocks are niches and sub-niches.

That loose block is the niche or sub-niche with the least amount of friction.

The laser is your positioning.

You’re failing to penetrate the market (wall) because your positioning (laser) isn’t focused on a low-friction niche (wiggly block).

You’re gently tapping on a number of doors when you should be choosing one and kicking it down.

Now, you could argue that my very imaginary wall and your very real business are two very different things. And I’d say you’re wrong.

Sign your life away below and I’ll prove it…


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