RaRe Technologies is a machine learning and data science consulting firm led by Radim Řehůřek, a leader in the space and creator of the Gensim library. My tasks included in-depth research of their competition and their positioning, critiquing their current site, and writing copy for their new website. The copy on their current site is a combination of my work and Joel Klettke’s.

About the Service

RaRe Technologies serves their clients by building custom machine learning software solutions, conducting in-depth code audits, providing tailored training programs in Python and Data Science, and more. At the heart of it, they help companies get the most out of their unstructured data.


RaRe Technologies was referred to me by Joel Klettke. Radim Řehůřek, Founder of RaRe Technologies, needed me to help launch his new site with fresh copy that capitalized on the weaknesses found in many of his direct/indirect competitors.

My Work

  • A huge report on their competition and the direction of RaRe Technologies’ new site (over 6,000 words).
  • Copy used on the Home and Services pages


In the machine learning and data science consulting space, websites fail to communicate the value they deliver, who they deliver it to, and why you should trust them. RaRe Technologies’ new site clearly answers these questions in a way that isn’t off-putting to their technical prospects.