Effectly is an Enterprise SaaS solution. This project was done in partnership with Market 8, an award-winning HubSpot Partner Agency. The task was to transition Effectly from their simple landing page to a comprehensive website, complete with landing pages and autoresponder emails. I was responsible for the copywriting.

About the Company

Effectly is an enterprise SaaS company that transforms high-value B2C and B2B companies into customer-centric ones. By combining software that lets you listen to and respond to customer and employee feedback in real time, and help from a team of customer-centricity experts — they make it possible for large businesses to listen and respond like much smaller companies. This results in loyal customers, engaged employees, and sustainable growth.


With their official launch date approaching, they needed to replace their “coming soon” landing page with a comprehensive website suitable for an enterprise SaaS solution.


  • First of many projects with Market 8 — I had to integrate into the agency and processes.
  • Understanding Effectly’s sophisticated enterprise software, consulting, and how the two worked together to serve their customers.
  • Writing a number of web pages without a lot of customer insights and data available at the time.
  • Completing this project on a short deadline.

My Work

Market 8, an award-winning Hubspot agency, brought me on as their copywriter for this project where we worked closely with Effectly’s founding team. Before writing any copy, I spent time learning about their industry, software, consulting, and brand. I then took what I had learned and wrote the copy for their core web pages, demo and gated content landing pages, and autoresponder emails. The end result was a polished website that contained all of the information required for a high-commitment offering.


This project is a HubSpot Quarterly Impact Awards Candidate. See the case study here.